Yasira, Our Would-Be Doctor!

Meet Yasira, studying in std 7, GHPS, Doddabettahalli. The moment she stepped out of her classroom and sat to talk with us, we found out that she is a child of empathy and compassion. Her aim is to become a doctor.

Yasira, comes from a family of 4 members- mother and two siblings. she is the eldest among the siblings and understands her responsibility of being an elder sister. She says, “I want to grow up and become a doctor and help people. I want to pursue MBBS.”

Her dream and ambition might sound like a dream of every other child but her journey isn’t that of every child. Her mother works as a house help and has a monthly wage that is not beyond Rs 5000. But the question arises, should the child be dreaming? Should we not give her the opportunity to tread the path of success and make her dream come true? The child needs our support and equal opportunity to explore her ambition and be an achiever.

Akshaya Patra provides meal to more than 1.7 million children. The aim is to erase hunger and prepare children to chase their dreams. Yasira is also a beneficiary of our mod-day meal program. While talking about the food, she says, “I love the rice and sambar. I’m happy the food keeps me healthy.”

It is true, right now children might not always understand the importance of proper meals a day but we adults do have the realization. So your contribution towards our school lunch program can help boost a child’s health and happiness.

As we wish all the best to Yasira for her future. We need your support to help her become an achiever.