Akshaya Patra COVID-19 Relief Efforts

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, working along with its partners, donors, volunteers, and well-wishers, has time and again come forward to aid the Government’s disaster relief work across India.

As the nation goes under complete lockdown to contain COVID-19 outbreak, Akshaya Patra has been aiding the Government’s efforts by providing food relief to vulnerable communities, such as migrant laborers and homeless people, and Happiness Kits to the mid-day meal students.

Cumulative Feeding

Akshaya PatraAssociate FoundationsGrand Totals
Cooked Meals36,400,04322,993,20859,393,251
Dry Grocery Kits924,75141,835966,586
TOTAL MEALS COUNT74,613,26724,750,27899,363,545

*As of November 23rd, 2020