Akshaya Pātra USA

Unlimited food for education

Athletes for Akshaya Patra

Runners, cyclists, walkers and cricketers... Akshaya Patra is lucky to have the support of many talented and dedicated athlete supporters. Supporter Chikashi Miyamoto recently cycled through the Italian Alps and raised money across three continents. Of his efforts he says, "Supporting the Akshaya Patra Foundation is very important to me because no child should be forced to choose between income and basic education".

The Cricket Club of Lexington Kentucky held its annual 2013 CCL-BIACS Indian Charity Cricket Tournament on September 22 and raised more than a thousand dollars for Akshaya Patra.

Ganesh "Ganny" Sundaresan recruited friends and family to sponsor him as he ran the Chicago Marathon on October 13 to support Akshaya Patra.

Surya, Inc's Miles for Meals Team trained hard to represent Akshaya Patra at the Atlanta Allstate Half Marathon, raising more than $41,000 for Akshaya Patra! 

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