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Hungry for School

Akshaya Patra USA has released an introductory brochure Hungry for School for 2015! Learn about Akshaya Patra's unique program and how you can get support the dreams of those children who are hungry for school. 
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Akshaya Patra USA raises funds and awareness to eradicate child hunger and promote education for under-served children in India.


WALTHAM, MA-- Akshaya Patra, the largest NGO-run school meal program in the world that serves over 1.4 million children daily in over 10,770 schools from 24 kitchens in ten states in India, raised $500,000 during its annual fundraising gala at Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA, on Saturday...[Read More]



G Ranganath, Principal of Policy Colony School, believes nature nurtures knowledge and so can Bollywood! This innovative Principal is inspiring a love of learning in his students with fresh air and "I am Kalam".  Read Meeta Chaitanya's blog on G Ranganath on the continuing Food for Though series...[Read More]


When Savitha and Mounesh began school in Bangalore they were the first in their large family to attend school.  “When we joined school, we didn’t know a single alphabet, neither in Kannada nor in English. Even writing our name was a distant dream. But we picked up. Although it took us two years, we were finally on par with fellow classmates”...[Read more] 


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