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The Power of ONE

Contribute just $15 a month to provide school meals and access to education, hope and opportunity to a child every month.Your monthly renewing gift will provide a full year of meals to a NEW child each month!

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Hungry to Grow

"The school meal provided by Akshaya Patra has brought about a much required change. It has helped the school in increasing attendance and enrollment, especially among girls, and reduced the drop-out rate"

Nazia Tazeem, Principal at Secondary School, Jaipur


Hungry to Learn

"I come hungry to school eating very little at home. I love the food that is given here in the Akshaya Patra meal. It motivates me to come to school."

Bhabhani Behera, Student in Primary School, Puri

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Hungry for Opportunity

"I received good, nutritious food which improved my health and attention span. I went to school regularly and took great interest in studies. Now I'm a teacher and fully understand the impact of nutrition on education."

Dhanalaxmi, a successful teacher in Bangalore, a former AP beneficiary

Our Program
Every day, we serve freshly prepared school meals to 1.39 million children in India to fight hunger, promote education, and eradicate poverty - one child at a time.
Too many of India's children are forced to choose food over education

Rather than attend school, many children must earn money to bring food to their family's table, foregoing long-term opportunities to focus on short-term necessities. The result? Poor health and educational outcomes that trap them in the cycle of poverty.

  • 1/3

    of the world's malnourished children live in India

  • 40%

    drop out before reaching the 5th grade


  • 90%

    drop out to work for money or to help at home

We promote education by serving wholesome school meals to 1.39 million children everyday

Studies prove our meals are improving educational outcomes for under-served children in India. Our meals give children an incentive to come to school and provides them with the nutrients growing children need to succeed.

  • 1.39 million

    children served DAILY

  • 10,060 schools

    participate in our program

  • 9

    collaborate with Akshaya Patra

To have such a big impact, we needed big kitchens

Feeding 1.39 million children a day is no easy task. So we designed high-tech, high-yield kitchens that have allowed us to grow exponentially. In 2000, we served daily school meals to 1,500 children in 5 schools. Today we serve 1.39 million children everday in over 10,060 schools across India!

  • 185,000 meals

    are prepared in 5 hours in Hubli

  • 60,000 chapatti

    are prepared in one hour

  • 23 kitchens

    across India serve 1.39 million children

We can feed one child for an entire year with just $15

With the support of India's federal and state governments, Akshaya Patra can feed one child for an entire year for just $15. Our government partners provide cash and grain subsidies that cut our cost per meal by over a half! Our model exemplifies what can be accomplished when the public, and private sector, and civic society collaborate: a model of scale, efficiency, and impact.

  • $ 0.13

    average cost of one Akshaya Patra meal


  • $ 0.08

    per meal provided by government subsidies



  • $ 0.05

    is what it costs Akshaya Patra per meal


Our meals are changing outcomes for millions of children & their families

Increased enrollment, especially for girls. Lower drop out rates. Better academic performance. Better health. Everywhere, our model is making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

  • Increased enrollment

    & attendance

    (especially for girls)

  • Improved nutritional

    status with fewer

    underweight children

  • Improved academic

    performance due to

    improved concentration

Our approach has the potential to eradicate poverty in India - and across the globe

By providing school meals to children, Akshaya Patra ensures that no child is deprived of education because of hunger and provides them with opportunities for a better, more prosperous future. This scalable model has the potential of being replicated across the globe. Together, we can eradicate world hunger one child at a time!


    #24 of world's Top 100 NGOs ~Global Journal          


  • #1

    NGO in world

    "Children & Youth" Category

    Global Journal

  • Ranking based on

    impact, innovation and efficiency

    ~The Global Journal


Our mission: touch the lives of 5 million children everyday by 2020. Join our movement and make poverty history.

Akshaya Patra is promoting education for millions of underserved children everyday, one nutritious meal at a time. In August 2012, we served our one-billionth meal. With your support, we can serve a billion more and make a difference in the lives of 5 million children by 2020.

Will you be part of the solution?

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